Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This blog is moving.
It will be combined in a week or so with my sewing one on My site, Prairiehomemaker.
We have added word press to PH and will rebuild the blog, plus other goodies there.

I won't be using this page anymore but when the new blog is up and running I will come back here to post a link!
hugs y'all

Friday, September 28, 2012

40 days!

Folks there are only 40 days until the election.
No matter what side of the aisle you are on one thing we all agree on, America is in trouble!

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God says : if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Well I have joined a site whose mission it is to pray for our country for the next 40 days and I am asking you all to join me.

Only God can save our country but he will only act if his people turn to him and ask him to!

Please join me in 40 days of Prayer.

Hugs y'all

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What we have been up to!

Well it has been a busy month for us. We finally have the house the way we want it inside for now.
We had the outside mowed too.

The big news is my sewing room is finally done!

So with out further ado, a tour of my place!

The outside.

Our living room.
 The blue hanging thing is a cat toy. They seem to like playing Tarzan... We did not get a picture of my chair, not sure why! The one pictured is MJ's. Until I get the new one from my fil, mine looks just like this one!

The kitchen.
 I love my kitchen. It is small but it works well for me now that we built more shelves and counters!

What I call the breakfast room. It is off the kitchen, living room and my sewing room . I love this room it is bright and sunny and cheerful. Even on the rainy days it is bright and cheery!

The dining area in the living room. 

Now MY sewing room!

This room houses my computer, sewing machines (I currently have 3) and most of my books. It also houses the painting above that my mil did of my fil's, father's hat and gloves on a fence post of their ranch. I love that painting. The clocks were a collection my mil had that no one else wanted. I have clocks of hers now all over the house, you saw 2 or 3 in the living room pictures too. 
I am a huge Raggedy doll fan. I have a dear friend who made me the one on the book case in the living room pictures. I tend to grab them when I see them for a good price. I have 2 vintage ones off at a doll hospital being repaired now, since a kitty attacked them. 

This is the master bedroom. I have not included pictures of our bathroom or Beloved's office.

The bathroom is the only room in the house that has not had something done to it. Yet!
Beloved is a private guy and does not wish his office to be toured.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Mel's Place!
hugs y'all

Monday, August 6, 2012

The vacation that Wasn't...

Well obviously from the title we did not take our planned trip.
There were several reasons.
Jury duty, then Beloved hurt his foot (He broke it last year and it began bothering him again)

Then again traveling to the south in this heat with no a/c just did not appeal to me at all.

So we rested at home.

We also tore up 1/2 the kitchen. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Saturday we were glad we didn't go. We got a text from our youngest son.

How much is an er visit?

I texted back, depends on insurance.
Are you ok?

Then I called him.
He had excruciating pain in his side. He wanted to go to the ER. Could he have a ride?

Ummm DUH!

We dropped our tools put on town clothes and headed out the door.

We took him to urgent care first. He was seen in about 30 minutes there. When he came out he said their doc told him to go to the ER. As we were walking to the truck she came running out and said "I do not care where you take him just please take him straight there. He is in bad shape"

We took him to the hospital across the street.

They took him back almost immediately. Their doc soon agreed, appendicitis. He ordered the tests to confirm and went off to call the surgeon.

About 430 they told us go get supper and wheeled my baby boy away to surgery.

We were told the doc would meet us in the op waiting room about 530. We got htere and waited until 6. I call the day surgery nurse and was told 1( they had not been told Chris had any family waiting for him and 2) they were just beginning his surgery.

When the doc came in he said it was not the ugliest appendix he had ever seen but it ran a close second.

At 845 Chris was settled some what comfortably in his room.

I was there the next afternoon when the doc made his rounds. He said the tip of the appendix had been gangrenous and it was on the verge of rupture. He said Chris was lucky we got him in when we did. Had we gone on vacation, we would not have been home yet. Our plan was to come in late Saturday night.

Today Chris is home resting. He wanted to go to work today but said he just was not up to it. I bet he will be fine tomorrow.

Now to finish all the moving around of stuff...

hugs y'all

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Morning!

I am excited to share a drawing with you. This drawing is for an Excalibur dehydrator.
I have wanted one of these for a while and can not pass up the chance to win one! Hugs y'all!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

This week has been burdened with deeply buried emotions for me.

Generally I am not an emotional person. I tend to just forget them and move on. I mean I do not let my emotions sway me from what ever it is I need to do. I have a difficult time handling emotions in those around me. I tend not to empathize with those who get emotional especially over small things. I can see it in case of a death and so on but not say letting what some one says about you cause you grief.

OK so as you may remember my mil passed in 2011. She and I had a.. strained relationship. I never felt comfortable with her. I always felt she thought I wanted her "stuff". I didn't. I wanted a mother figure to help me learn the ropes of wifehood. That was not to be and so goes life.

Well I got a call Tuesday that fil was dividing up her estate and I was to come get books if I wanted them.

So I went. I was floored when I was pointed to a large set of glassware and told, "dad says you get frist right of refusal on these, do you want them?". They are not expensive but they are really pretty goblets of dark blue and some in purple. I had always thought how pretty they were. I asked if they had asked my other sil T if she wanted them and was told "No dad says you get to pick first".

Now I NEVER go first. I always strive to be last to be certain others have gotten what they wanted before I pick anything. That did not fly on Tuesday.

As I was wrapping and boxing the glass ware (actually when you plink them they ring more like crystal instead of thunk like glass) Anyway I hear my fil holler, Melissa! Melissa! Thinking he had hurt himself making breakfast I rushed in the kitchen. "Go in the pantry he says. Turn on the light, see those cook books? Take any or all of them you want". I look and there are no cook books... BIL comes in and says "Dad what do you have her looking for?" Dad says the cook books. Bil says I already told you I moved them... So I am led to a room and told go through this shelf unit and take all you want. I asked again about T and was told "No dad says you first".

As I went through the books it occurred to me how much my mil and I had in common. We could have been so close, I could have learned so much if she had let me.  I managed to keep my cool until I got home. Then I sat in my chair and cried.

Yesterday we got the furniture from her estate that fil had designated for us. To me he awarded a beautiful corner cabinet. He bought it years ago in a little run down shop. It was in bad shape and he talked the owner down to $25. He reclaimed it and made it beautiful again. It took him 4 days. I have always loved it, not just for its beauty but because HE fixed it and put a lot of himself into it. It is to me an heirloom.

Beloved received her computer desk and bookcases. There is a small desk that will come to me probably next week. Perfect for my sewing room.

This is the cabinet, empty. I will take pictures tomorrow of it with my dishes in it.

It looks as if it was built for my house!

Hugs Y'all