Sunday, September 16, 2012

What we have been up to!

Well it has been a busy month for us. We finally have the house the way we want it inside for now.
We had the outside mowed too.

The big news is my sewing room is finally done!

So with out further ado, a tour of my place!

The outside.

Our living room.
 The blue hanging thing is a cat toy. They seem to like playing Tarzan... We did not get a picture of my chair, not sure why! The one pictured is MJ's. Until I get the new one from my fil, mine looks just like this one!

The kitchen.
 I love my kitchen. It is small but it works well for me now that we built more shelves and counters!

What I call the breakfast room. It is off the kitchen, living room and my sewing room . I love this room it is bright and sunny and cheerful. Even on the rainy days it is bright and cheery!

The dining area in the living room. 

Now MY sewing room!

This room houses my computer, sewing machines (I currently have 3) and most of my books. It also houses the painting above that my mil did of my fil's, father's hat and gloves on a fence post of their ranch. I love that painting. The clocks were a collection my mil had that no one else wanted. I have clocks of hers now all over the house, you saw 2 or 3 in the living room pictures too. 
I am a huge Raggedy doll fan. I have a dear friend who made me the one on the book case in the living room pictures. I tend to grab them when I see them for a good price. I have 2 vintage ones off at a doll hospital being repaired now, since a kitty attacked them. 

This is the master bedroom. I have not included pictures of our bathroom or Beloved's office.

The bathroom is the only room in the house that has not had something done to it. Yet!
Beloved is a private guy and does not wish his office to be toured.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Mel's Place!
hugs y'all

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