Monday, August 6, 2012

The vacation that Wasn't...

Well obviously from the title we did not take our planned trip.
There were several reasons.
Jury duty, then Beloved hurt his foot (He broke it last year and it began bothering him again)

Then again traveling to the south in this heat with no a/c just did not appeal to me at all.

So we rested at home.

We also tore up 1/2 the kitchen. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Saturday we were glad we didn't go. We got a text from our youngest son.

How much is an er visit?

I texted back, depends on insurance.
Are you ok?

Then I called him.
He had excruciating pain in his side. He wanted to go to the ER. Could he have a ride?

Ummm DUH!

We dropped our tools put on town clothes and headed out the door.

We took him to urgent care first. He was seen in about 30 minutes there. When he came out he said their doc told him to go to the ER. As we were walking to the truck she came running out and said "I do not care where you take him just please take him straight there. He is in bad shape"

We took him to the hospital across the street.

They took him back almost immediately. Their doc soon agreed, appendicitis. He ordered the tests to confirm and went off to call the surgeon.

About 430 they told us go get supper and wheeled my baby boy away to surgery.

We were told the doc would meet us in the op waiting room about 530. We got htere and waited until 6. I call the day surgery nurse and was told 1( they had not been told Chris had any family waiting for him and 2) they were just beginning his surgery.

When the doc came in he said it was not the ugliest appendix he had ever seen but it ran a close second.

At 845 Chris was settled some what comfortably in his room.

I was there the next afternoon when the doc made his rounds. He said the tip of the appendix had been gangrenous and it was on the verge of rupture. He said Chris was lucky we got him in when we did. Had we gone on vacation, we would not have been home yet. Our plan was to come in late Saturday night.

Today Chris is home resting. He wanted to go to work today but said he just was not up to it. I bet he will be fine tomorrow.

Now to finish all the moving around of stuff...

hugs y'all

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